Important Safety Tips

NEVER PAY ANY WORKER WITHOUT MEETING THE PERSON PHYSICALLY   Never meet a worker/client in an undisclosed place for negotiation. Always cross-check to be sure you are going to a secure place to see the worker/client.   ┬áNever make any prepayment to any worker without confirming the person’s residence or office.   Never make a

Our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Contact Book explains the collection, utilization, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information you gave to us when you register on our website. Collection of Data The personal information you give to us when you register an account, including name, email addresses or telephone number.   USE AND RETENTION OF

About Contact Book

Welcome to contact book! Contact Book was created in a bid to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Contact Book is a platform for skilled/ handy individual to advertise their contact for easy accessibility. It is also a free advertisement site that people can advertise their handwork/skill for people to contact them when their services